Friday, February 13, 2015

“You Stink! Well, mostly.” - How to tell someone that they stink?

While many of us have grown up watching the 2003 Disney sitcom ‘That’s So Raven’, one may have often wondered what made Raven have a real icky time when she was assigned to be Ben Sturky’s Partner in the Science Fair. Well, he stunk!
Raven surely had it rough on her while finding out the ways in which she could let the guy know that he had a somewhat ‘unpleasant’ smell without offending him but nonetheless, she finally did it.
A whole lot of people out there are still stuck with their own ‘Stinky Ben Sturkies’, some of whom even happen to be their best friends. It seems like shifting a rock when it comes to telling your dear ones that they have the ‘smell’, yet here are a few quick tips which can help you overcome the hurdle.
DO NOT IGNORE- Whether it’s strong or weak, you just can’t ignore the smell, especially when it’s coming from someone really close and important to you. You have to make yourself realize that it is serving no good to your friend who stinks. You have to be true to yourself as well as the person who you think stinks.
HAVE THEM IN COFIDENCE- When you need to comment on the fallout of a person, make sure that you have them in your confidence first. Make a proper eye contact with them, take it smoothly, have certain decisiveness in your tone and convince them that it is ultimately for their benefit.
BE EMPATHETIC- Make sure that you do not make a big deal out of it. Keep it short and simple. The person who stinks shouldn’t lower their morale. Help them to realize that this phase is synonymous to a lot of people’s lives, and hence with the passage of time one must overcome it.
BE CLEAR- You just can’t make them go on the Ferry Wheel or the First Roller Coaster of Disney Land when you talk to them. You should communicate in the clearest and straightest manner in order to let them know how they are perceived by others in the one go. They shouldn’t have any confusion and must act straight away.
WORK PERFORMANCE- It is a well known fact that your body odour and presentation reflect your overall personality as well as performance. Bad odour may hamper one’s work performance whether it is in school, college or an organization. Help your peers realize the worth of having a good body odour and to leave a long lasting pleasant impression at work.
NOT JUST GOOD LOOKS- A person is not yet ready to dazzle the world when the only thing they carry with them are ‘good looks’. Help your acquaintances know that the world looks much beyond appearances and features. The world talks about good personality, presentation, speaking skills, dressing sense and of course, a good body odour. Majority of a person’s ‘looks’ lie within their ‘smell’.
ENCOURAGEMENT- Encourage your dear ones once they start acting upon what you lay before them. Tell them that they smell and look good and motivate them to take a better edge if they happen to be in romantic relationships.
A LITTLE CHAT OVER COFFEE AND SHOPPING- Have your friends to be enthusiastic about having a good body odour. Ask them out for a cup of coffee and chat about the new and exciting brands of deodorants, talcum powder and soaps. Ask them what kind of shampoo and perfumes they use and recommend them some good brands; at the same time ask them to recommend some good brands of soaps for yourself too. Go out to shop with them and handpick some good sanitizers and gift them some. This will again, build their confidence and enthusiasm to have a good body odour as they shall realize that even when it is no big deal, it is important for them.

DU Curriculum #BackTo3Yrs; Autonomy or Dictate?

Delhi University finally submits to UGC and announces to scrap the much controversial Four Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUP) and bring in the pre-existing three-year undergraduate programme.
DU vice-chancellor Dinesh Singh issued a statement announcing the decision.
"The University of Delhi recognises the need of the hour. It is of paramount importance to protect the interests of the students by ensuring the start of the admission process. In line with the directive of the UGC the University has decided to roll back the FYUP.
Consequently the admission process shall be conducted under the scheme of courses that were in force in the academic session 2012-13 in all the colleges of the University of Delhi," the statement said.
Dr. Shankar Kumar, Member of the Task Force Team of the new Undergraduate Course said, “The University has made a sacrifice for the larger interest of the public. It is merely a dictate which has to be followed by the UGC from the ruling party”.
While the decision which has been apparently claimed to have taken in the ‘Best Interest’ of the students, many educationalists and students come out as defending the scrapped system.
Naveen Chopra, Chairman of Chopra Educational Group told #NewsX on #NationAt9, “90% of the students passing out from DU are unemployable. This was a chance for the country to make a change. When a man stands up and brings in something productive, he is murdered by politics and protestors. The man (VC) had a vision; people like him make the country run”.
Many political figures found FYUP as wastage of time which was introduced in a hurry and alleged the course to have ‘laughable’ quality of syllabi.
“90% of the foundation courses were of laughable quality and the quality of the Honours Degree had gone down”, #NewsX learnt from Kavita Krishnan, Secretary of AIPWA.

Nonetheless Naveen insisted, “If the programme had flaws then the content should have improved instead of being scrapped off entirely”.
Speaking of the autonomy of the university which had been put forward as a relatively strong and expandable argument for a long period of time, Professor S Jha from Department of English, DU said, “This is the beginning of downfall of autonomy for all public funded institutions in India. People still believe it to be a radical idea.
FYUP was rolled back because of the undue pressure of the UGC”.
On the contrary, Rudrashish Chakraborty, Member of the Academic Council of DU expressed on #NationAt9, “Not a single official felt the necessity to address the student or media. Autonomy can be interpreted in many ways and this isn’t the first time”.
“HRD minister herself asserted that this is something she wasn’t going to button, so the rollback was inevitable”, said Nupur Sharma from BJP.

BSNL to offer Facebook on mobile without Internet

 Published on 4th June, 2014

BSNL has launched its new service which will allow its customers to access Facebook through their mobile phones without any requirement of internet or data connectivity in their phones.
This newly developed service will charge the users up to Rs. 4, Rs. 10 and Rs. 20 for 3 days on weekly and monthly plans respectively.
The public sector telecom officials reportedly say that the customers will be able to access their Facebook accounts, write on their friends’ Facebook walls, get birthday reminders, share pictures and status messages and send messages on Facebook to their friends through their phones without internet access.
BSNL confirms that it has tied up with U2opia Mobile to provide Facebook access through Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) in East and South zones immediately and soon it will be followed up in West and North zones.
USSD is used by telecom operators to send alert to its users. It is widely used for prepaid call-back service, location-based content services and menu-based information services.
While talking about this service which would work on all handsets, BSNL Director Anupam Shrivastava comments, “Companies today are looking at enhancing the portfolio of offerings to voice and SMS customers and we are really excited to offer Facebook on USSD, given the rising popularity of social media.”
“These services are perfect for our always-connected customers who want to stay in touch with their Facebook friends — anytime, anywhere, on any mobile,” added U2opoia Mobile CEO Sumesh Menon.

NDA’s charge being fought by Ex-SGs

Published on 25th June, 2014


On the matter of nomination of senior advocate Gopal Subramaniam for judgeship of the apex court, the government is likely to seek clarification from the Supreme Court collegiums.
Sources in the government said there were reservations in certain quarters on the recommendation of Subramaniam for judgeship for which the law ministry may seek clarification and ask for reconsideration.
As the biggest #AppointmentRow hits the Supreme Court, it has vastly affected a lot of influential leaders and bodies forming up their respective opinions regarding the raking issue.
Jaynarayan Vyas from BJP told NewsX, “The government has its own set of structure and functioning and the reservations shall be sorted out on the part of government”.
“The coalition knew about the issues being raise by BJP”, said Congress leader Brijesh Kalappa.
Supreme Court Advocate Sanjay Hedge expressed his concerns regarding this whole engulfed ‘political decision’ that has been taken by desiring the government to be more honest and transparent on the NewsX show #IndiaDebates.
“If the government had been honest, there would have no stigma or questions of integrity”, Sanjay said.
While such questions become a staunch pickle in these new set of developments, the government, is nonetheless has been identified as the one being responsible for its decisions which it can readily take on its own.
“The government has the right to send the supervisions to the Supreme Court”, said ex ASG Vikas Singh.
Even though the government is entitled of such decisions, ex CBI Director RD Kartikeyan points out that the judgement has been rushed through.
“The coalition might have not known but they are rushing to the judgement”, said Kartikeyan.
BJP Leader Subramaniam Swamy told NewsX, “If the coalition can decide everything then let it have the power. A room can always be left for a possible alternative”.

Hike in Rail Fare by 14.2% under Modi’s Governance

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Romanticize your kitchen, pep up your life

Published on 28th April, 2014

“No matter what the recipe, any baker can do wonders in the kitchen with some good ingredients and an upbeat attitude.”- Buddy Valastro
Kitchen makes up a very integral part of a house and for every home which likes to eat, drink and wants to have people hang around, it is essential to maintain resonance with its kitchen by romanticizing the aura. Here are some very convenient, easy and affordable ways to cheer up your kitchen and give an elite look to your kitchen.
Organization and Cleanliness - For every kitchen to look classy and elite, the first and most important thing is cleanliness. Years of accumulated recipe scribbles, cookbooks, broken utensils and other kitchen paraphernalia should be well-organized and placed at the right space. The utensils, boxes etc. should go to the right cabinets and drawers.
Adding Colours and Patterns – Choose bright and rich colours such as fuchsia, aqua and lime to colour the kitchen walls. Make decorative objects with towels, pot holders, refrigerator magnets, and any other fancy item.
Go Green and Elite - Many of the green plants such as the Window Herb Garden can go nicely with a kitchen. It will not only make the kitchen look good but will also add scent and colour to your cooking. In addition, plants help in keeping the air clean and they can be grown easily under artificial light if your kitchen doesn’t have naturally sunny windows.
Brightened Nights - Add a lot of light and brightness to your kitchen so that it cheers everybody up all the time. Add or replace light fixtures, open the blinds, and consider installing a skylight, if you have that option.
Decorate with food - Use a lot of food items to decorate your kitchen by putting them up for display, after all food is what kitchen is all about! Put all sorts of fruits and vegetables in pretty bowls at the centre table; select a different colour and variety of beans and grains to display them. You can also put jams and pickles in fancy glass jars.
Utensils and Tools - Apart from organizing the kitchen utensils, you could also use them as decorative elements in your kitchen. Hang a kitchen, use a utensil jar or put colourful table ware behind glass cabinet doors. These things make the kitchen look good and encourage you to live in it even more.
Don’t just cook - Many kitchens are not used just for cooking but can also be used to feature bar seating, breakfast nooks or the dining table. If your kitchen has such a spot, make sure you utilize it judiciously.
Just make a little effort here and there, sauce up your kitchen by introducing new ideas and accessories, keep it clean and simple and your kitchen is good to go for inviting a swarm of bees to have a bite in your kitchen. But make sure it does not get dirty!

NCA gives clearance to raise Narmada Dam height

Published on 12th June, 2014

After the decisiveness of the Narmada Control Authority (NCA) at a meeting in New Delhi, The Gujarat government has got the final clearance to raise the height of Sardar Sarovar dam built on Narmada River from 121.92 metres to 138.68 metres after eight long years.
JN Singh, Managing Director, Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd (SSNNL) said, “We got formal clearance to raise the dam's height and install the gates from the NCA today. Gujarat CM Anandiben Patel will do the puja and initiate work today itself at Kevadiya. However, we will be able to start construction work only after the monsoon season is over by September. We have already started preparatory work and other planning so that we can complete the work as soon as possible.”
Apart from the NCA, sub-committees on Resettlement and Rehabilitation (R&R) and Environment who had already recommended that the permission for raising the dam height should be granted, Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel had requested PM Narendra Modi for its quick clearance on her visit to New Delhi.
The height of Sardar Sarovar Dam was allowed to be raised up to 121.92 metres by NCA in the year of 2006.
According to the Senior Government Officials, at the Full Reservoir Level of 138.68 metres, there would be assured water for irrigation to an additional area of 6.8 lakh hectares, an additional 40% power generation, and enhanced water supply.
It will take approximately 36 to 40 months to raise the Dam height to 138.68 metres. Nevertheless, it calls for a grand celebration by the Gujarat Government in the state which PM Narendra Modi will also be expected to attend.